Weekend Gone Awry…


Hello, people! Ever have one of those weekends that just doesn’t go quite as planned? That was definitely the case for me this past weekend. My mom and I decided to take a quick trip to D.C. to celebrate her birthday, which also happens to be my little cousin’s birthday. We took the last flight out on Saturday night and everything went smoothly. Sunday was their actual birthday so we did the whole party-at-Chuck E. Cheese-thing for the little ones during the day and had dinner and cake with the rest of the family at night. Sometime in that 24 hour window I managed to be the ONLY one to catch this wicked stomach bug because by Monday morning, I was down for the count. Fever, headache, vomiting, the whole 9. I couldn’t keep anything down and was basically confined to a bed and Netflix all day. Being sick while you’re away from home is the WORST but it was a little comforting to be at my aunt’s house surrounded by family instead of at some hotel. By Monday night I was at least able to keep some crackers and Gatorade down and on Tuesday, we were packing up to catch our flight back home, although I was slightly dehydrated and exhausted from not eating anything solid for 48 hours! That was absolutely not how I planned on spending my short time in D.C. since I was super excited to go to the Newseum, eat at Shake Shack and maybe visit a monument or two. D.C. is one of my favorite cities and I will definitely be back again soon (armed with Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap if I have to!!)


Posts from my last trip to D.C. here and here. :)


Thanksgiving was already a week ago but I never got a chance to upload pictures from the day. I managed to take pictures up until we started eating but after that, I was all about enjoying the food and hanging out with family :) We all love playing games too so after we ate and rested, we worked off a little turkey playing Just Dance 2015 and Dance Central on the Xbox. We also played some Jenga and Cards Against Humanity. Can I just say that Cards Against Humanity is the most ridiculous/hilarious/horrible game I’ve ever played??!! If you’ve played it you probably know what I mean and I’ll just leave it at that :P

Anyways, here are a few pics from the day..




I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And with that…it’s officially Christmas Season!


Family Dinner

Last Friday was my sister’s birthday so we decided to go out to dinner as a family. I’ve noticed as we all get older, we spend less and less time together so when it’s someone’s birthday, we make it a point to do something together. My sister was in the mood for seafood, which led us to the Real Seafood Co. restaurant downtown.

DSC_0419It’s been years since I’ve been to Real Seafood and apparently iPad menus are the cool thing now! DSC_0427Our coconut shrimp appetizer was DELICIOUS! (Partially because we were all starving and it was a late dinner for us)DSC_0432Dad’s salmon and sweet potato dishDSC_0449With the Birthday Girl!!DSC_0463Lovely candid courtesy of dad :)DSC_0475I love going downtown this time of year! Christmas lights are my favorite!!DSC_0501Happy Birthday little sis!!


Magnificent Fall

Fall is without a doubt the most gorgeous and breathtaking season of them all. But turn away for too long and it’s gone before you know it! Last Sunday was one of those perfect autumn days where the sun was shining bright and the air was crisp, so I went to one of my favorite parks in the area to get some pictures of the changing leaves. This week some of those trees have already lost their leaves and have assumed their usual lifeless winter positions. But let’s not dwell on that rather depressing visual. Right now I’m excited to share some of the amazing fall colors with you all!









DSC_0397  DSC_0403

DSC_0407Autumn is always so fleeting that I try my hardest to appreciate all of its beauty while I can!

Have a great weekend!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

When I think of something dreamy I think of my beach trip to Fort Lauderdale, FL back in April. Everything about those few days was perfect, especially the view of the Atlantic Ocean from our hotel room. I swear we spent half of that trip just sitting on the balcony and staring at the ocean! **sigh** What a great trip!


Birthday Weekend!

Well, another birthday has come and gone and I definitely enjoyed myself this weekend. I went out with friends the night before my bday and had an amazing time! But waking up the next morning was a little rough as I found myself thinking “I’m getting too old for this sh*t” and kinda just laughed a little. I spent the rest of the day relaxing with a little homework sprinkled in between (thank you, grad school). That night, I went to dinner with my family at a Thai restaurant in town followed by some yummy chocolate cake for dessert. I had a great birthday and I’m so thankful to all of my family and friends for making it so special! Cheers to another year!

Indian Summer


I love Indian summer because it’s officially fall but Mother Nature hasn’t quite caught on yet. The days are still long and sunny and the trees are barely starting to change color. I kinda just love everything about this time of year! I’m reaching a milestone birthday on Friday and I’m looking forward to celebrating with family and friends. Also, if all goes according to plan, I’ll be able to cross an item off my bucket list this month, but more on that later :)