Moments from this Weekend


My [big] little brother turned 20 on Friday. 20!! It’s hard to believe he isn’t a teenager anymore. For his birthday, he wanted to go to a basketball game so I got tickets for the Pistons vs. Heat game on Friday.



At halftime, there was a reunion of the 1989 NBA championship team AKA the Bad Boys, which was pretty cool to see.


What would we do without smartphones? We basically watched the entire Michigan basketball game while we were at the Pistons game!

20140330-200343.jpgAnd so what if Detroit lost by 30-something points? We had a great time nonetheless! Hope you all had a great weekend :)


Pi-Day Friday

Happy Pi Day everyone! My inner math nerd was excited to wake up and realize that it was March 14th. And what better way to celebrate than with some apple pie? I guess what we made was more of a mini apple crumble but it still counts in my book. Any excuse to make yummy desserts works for me!



Happy Pi-Day Friday, everyone!

A Letter to the Weird Kids

I guess you don’t see it yet

and that’s fine,

because I’ve only just started seeing it myself

but there’s a reason it’s harder for us

for the nerds, for the weird kids


and that’s fine

because for now, we can sit and wait.

kids like us, we should rush the happy ending

or let anyone else tell us to hurry up.


kids like us, we’ll learn how to fly on our own time.


S. Mariam

Sunday Recap


Super Bowl Sunday. The epitome of all American sporting events. What was I most excited for? The snacks, of course! Sure there’s the whole football game, the highly anticipated halftime show and tons of funny new commercials to look forward to, (not to mention a free U2 song download on iTunes for a good cause!), but lets be honest, no Super Bowl Sunday is complete without delicious flavor! Good food makes everything all the more enjoyable, although I don’t think any amount of food could have made this year’s game any less ridiculous! My entire household was rooting for Seattle so the game was really just more hilarious than anything else.

20140203-143651.jpg^^The Crew!

20140203-143734.jpg^^This is how you keep the beer cold when you run out of space in the fridge during Winter.

20140203-143747.jpg^^Chocolate covered strawberries :)

20140203-143755.jpg^^My favorite of the night! Pigs in a blanket made with chicken sausage.

These are just a few of the snacks we had yesterday. Thanks to some Pinterest inspiration, it was a yummy Super Bowl Sunday! I can’t wait to do it up even bigger next year!